2012 All Star Golf Tour Updates & Highlights

** Important Notices **

You MUST be a member to be eligible for 1st Place prize money & bonuses in ALL events!


Players submitting entries for the 2012 National Championships by
Nov. 20, 2011 receive their 2012 membership at the 2011 price of $95!


No increase in the current entry fee structure is anticipated for 2012!





2012 Event Payout Information

All first place prizes include a $250 bonus for entering by the Entry Deadline!


 - Single round events pay 1st place $1,250 with ONLY 16 players entered.
   ALL final money positions pay a minimum of $150!

 - 2-Day events pay 1st place $2,000 with ONLY 16 players entered and $2,500 with 24 players.
   ALL final money positions pay a minimum of $700!

 - Major Championships pay 1st place $3,000 with ONLY 16 players entered and $5,000 with 32 players.
   All final money positions pay a minimum of $1,000!!!


Entry Fees & Player Divisions

 - Entry Fees
   Entry fees range from $165-$199 for single round events, $450-$495 for 2-day events and $550-$595 for
   Major Championships. Players may compete in multiple divisions and will receive a discount applied to each
   additional division entry.

 - Pro Division
   Players compete with their gross score on a head-to-head basis. Note: Some restrictions to eligibility may apply.

 - Pro Net Division
   Players compete with their net score utilizing their ASGTour established handicap.
   Pro Net Division handicaps are capped at 12 unless the player elects to compete in the "Masters Flight"
   where 100% of their handicap will be allowed.

 - Women's Division
   2012 introduces the ASGTour Women's Division for female Professional and Amateur competitors.
   Women may compete for cash prizes as Professionals, head-to-head, or in our Pro Net Division utilizing their handicaps.
   Women electing to compete in the Pro Net Division may also compete against their male counterparts with their handicaps
   adjusted to reflect the Women's tee course and slope ratings.
   Women Amateurs are welcome and receive gift awards up to $750 in value, typically paid in the form of
   a pre-paid Visa card. Amateurs may also compete for cash in the event optional games.

 - Senior Eligibility
   Players having attained the age of 50 by the event date may elect to participate as a Senior. Pro Net Division players having
   attained the age of 60 are considered "Super Seniors" and may elect to play from one tee forward of the Standard tee of the day.
   Super Senior handicaps will be adjusted whenever utilizing the forward Super Senior tee. 


2012 Handicapping and Flighting Policy Modifications

Flighting Information

 - In 2012, Pro Net Division players will be limited to a maximum handicap of 12 strokes.
    Players with handicaps higher than 12 will have a separate "Masters Flight" available for their participation.

 - All players will automatically be placed into the primary field with a maximum allowable handicap of 12 unless they enter the
   "Masters Flight" at time of registration. "Masters Flight" players may also elect to compete in both fields, but their handicap will
    be capped at 12 in the primary field scoring.

 - All "Masters Flight" players will compete from the same tee, one forward of the standard tee of the day and their primary field
   handicap will be adjusted to their tee for players electing to compete in both flights. 

Handicapping & Exceptional Tournament Score Modifications

 - ASGT will utilize the best four (4) of the most recent seven (7) scores to ensure player handicaps accurately reflect
   their most recent activity and CURRENT POTENTIAL.
   Test models indicate this modification dramatically reduces the potential for low net scores and enhances
   the goal of utilizing the most accurate handicaps possible.

 - Exceptional Tournament Score Adjustments
   Any score turned in lower than -4 will be considered an "Exceptional Tournament Score."
   As an additional measure to ensure the accuracy of player handicaps and controlling any
   potential attempts at sandbagging, ALL
players compiling a net score of -4 or lower, regardless of
   of the total number of scores in their scoring history, are subject to an "Exceptional Tournament Score"
   recalculation the day of the event BEFORE their score is posted. The event score will be included in the ETS recalculation.

 - New Player Handicaps
   Any player who has not completed a minimum of four tournament rounds will be considered a "New Player" and is
   subject to a -2 handicap threshold recalculation. "New Players" turning in a score lower than net -2 will have their
   handicap recalculated the day of the event BEFORE their score is posted with the event score included in the recalculation.

Two Day & Major Championship Handicap Policy

   ASGT is implementing the following quality control to prevent the potential of a player posting high scores in single round
   events in order to compete in a multi-round event with an inflated handicap when large prize checks are on the line.

- Handicaps for events of more than one round will be calculated using multi-round event scores ONLY. Single round event scores
   will NOT be included in determining multi-round event handicaps.

 - Single round event scores will be included for players with less than four multi-round event scores completed. In these cases, the
   competitor will be classified as a "New Player" and subject to all "New Player" adjustment policies until four multi-round scores are posted.


2012 Event Schedule Highlights


N. Texas District (DFW)
 - 11 Saturday Single Round Events
 - 5 Monthly 2-Day Events with accompanying Saturday or Sunday single round events
 - 2 Major Championships

Central Texas District
 - 2 Austin Area Single Round Events
 - 5 San Antonio Area Single Round Events
 - Central Texas District 2-Day Event Championship in San Antonio

S. Texas District (Houston)
 - 6 Saturday Single Round Events
 - South Texas District 2-Day Event Championship

Atlanta District
 - 8 Saturday Single Round Events
 - 6 Atlanta Area 2-Day Events

All Single Round events anticipate a guaranteed payout of $1,250 to the winner with ONLY 16 players entered!

2012 National Championship will include a qualifying process to generate additional prize money. We anticipate a $12,500 winner share with a full field of 72 players.


Membership Fee Information

2012 Membership Fee - All Divisions - $150

  • $50 – Allocated for prize money distribution

  • $50 – Allocated for member cash bonuses and event rebates for referring new members and guests

  • $50 – ASGT operating expenses

ASGTour is the ONLY tour in the region that gives membership fee payments back to the players!

Player incentives:

Get paid Bonus Ca$h for bringing in new members when they sign up and ALSO when they finish in the money in events!

  • $50 Rebate / Coupon / Entry Fee discount on any event of choice for each new member recruited

  • 10% cash bonus up to $100 each time the referred member finishes in the money in any single round event. The “Place Money Bonus” will carry over into each new season so long as both members maintain their membership.)

Example of how this would work:

Assuming you refer 10 members who win $1,000 in qualified place money during the course of a season you will receive:

  • $50 per member recruiting bonuses = $500 in entry fee rebates / discounts

  • $100 in Referral Bonus Pool cash for each player having won $1,000 during the year

Total Cash & Discounts: $1,500.00


2012 Member & Player of the Year Awards

ASGTour is awarding members up to $4,000 in cash bonuses in both the Member and Player of the Year award categories, with

Additional cash awards will be added in the event MOY or POY sponsors can be secured.

Cash awarded to the player is based on total number of events entered, new members and guest players referred, finishing position in events etc.

For complete details click on the following link of your choice: