Frequently Asked Questions

What is the All Star Golf Tour?

The All Star Golf Tour (ASGT) is a golf tour designed for both male and female avid golfers who want to compete for cash and prizes as a non-amateur or prizes as an amateur in a professional style tournament environment.

As an All Star Golf Tour member, you have access to a fair and equitable tournament format in Handicap, Scratch and Open Professional divisions, where you can compete for large prize money purses and prizes at top courses around the country.

Handicap Division players compete with the playing field equalized through a strict handicapping system. Our system is designed to protect players from sandbaggers so all entrants compete against each other on an equal basis.

Who is the ASGT for?

All golfers, beginner or professional, regardless of skill level with handicaps ranging from zero to 36 who desire to compete on either a gross or net score basis.

Why was the ASGT established?

ASGT was established to offer professionally organized golf tournaments to its members utilizing our customized Tourney-Cap™ handicapping system. ASGT established this program to allow golfers the opportunity to compete with each other on an equal basis free from the threat of potential sandbagging polluting the results.

What rules does the ASGT use?

ASGT tournaments are operated under the USGA Rules of Golf and local rules of the host facility. All participants must also abide by the ASGT Policies and Procedures.

Under which format are tournaments played?

ASGT tournaments generally are individual stroke play events. One day 18-hole, two day 36-hole and three day 54-hole Major Money Tournaments and other formats are utilized from time to time.

How much does it cost?

Entry fees generally range from $160 to $195 for regular weekly tour stops. Major events may require up to a $600 entry or possibly more depending on the size of the purse to be paid. Membership dues are only $99 per year.

Can I play in major tournaments?

Yes. All players qualify to play in major and national tournaments.

How will ASGT establish my starting handicap?

All players utilize a handicap in ASGT handicap tournaments. "New Players" will be considered as such through their first four tournament events. "New Players" must submit a minimum of four scorecards and/or scores denoting course rating and slope index before competing in their initial event. The information provided will be utilized in calculating handicaps for "New Players".

When are prize money winnings distributed?

As a rule prize money is distributed on the day of the event. Players are either paid by tour check on site or a direct deposit activated into either a personal banking account or account registered with a service such as PayPal.

Players paying by credit card on the day of the event will not receive payment until their credit card transaction has been approved and received by ASGT.

Can women and amateurs compete?

Absolutely! ASGT encourages both amateurs and women to participate in tournament events. Up to $750 in prize valued script will be awarded to all amateur competitors. Women may compete for cash as professionals if they prefer.



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