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12/06/13 - ASGT Announces Flighted Format and Added Champions Bonus Cash

02/13/13 - Why Choose the All Star Golf Tour?

10/30/12 - All Star Golf Tour 2013 Season Highlights

09/26/12 - National Championship Update!

08/23/12 - Attention Pro & Scratch Golfers!

05/11/12 - ASGTour Introduces New "Pic Ur Game!" Format!

04/30/12 - Net 77 Wins Over $800.00 at Kingwood!

03/26/12 - Sarah 'Z' Takes Trophy at Kingwood Classic!

03/18/12 - Badders Captures 2012 Tierra Verde Classic

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02/27/12 - ASGT Inaugural Produces First Co-Ed Event Champions

12/20/11 - ASGTour Announces ClubCorp Sponsorship

12/06/11 - Caldwell Wins 2011 National Championship

11/11/11 - All Star Golf Tour Launches Women's Division Golf Tour

08/01/11 - ASGTour Policy on Use of "Alternate Tour" Handicaps

05/31/11 - Buchanan Captures Masters Challenge Title!

05/08/11 - There's No "Bull" In His Golf Game!

05/06/11 - USGA Response to Use of Partial Handicaps!

05/01/11 - Schroeder Wins without a Handicap!

04/17/11 - Roberson Kingwood Open Champion!

04/03/11 - Ron Schroeder - ASGT S. Texas District Inaugural Champion!

03/28/11 - Michael Lyles 1st ASGT Champion!

12/27/10 - R&N Sports, LLC Launches New Golf Tour

ASGT Announces Flighted Formats for 2014 Season!
Events Split into Up to Three Flights and $250.00 Added Champions Bonus Paid to Overall Winner!

12/6/13 - 12:00 NOON

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, events will be flighted into three flights:

  - Scratch Flight: for players desiring to compete head-to-head with a handicap
  - Net Division Champions Flight: for players with handicaps of 9 and below
  - Net Division Masters Flight: for players with handicaps of 10 and up.

In Texas events with 12 or more TOTAL players, an addtional $250.00  Champions Bonus will be awarded to the player posting the lowest NET score of the entire field.

Flights been determined by utilizing the handicap average of all rounds posted during 2013. It is ASGT's desire to field an equal number of players in Net Division flights so players compete for the same amounts of cash. All players pay the same entry, so all players should be able to win the same prizes whenever possible.

Exception: If a Net Division flight has less than six players participating, the Net Division field will, as near as possible, be split into two equal flights based on the overall handicap average.

Also being added in 2014, is the Champions Bonus cash award. This is an added $250 cash bonus given to the player who posts the lowest NET score of all players from all flights, including the Scratch Flight. This added cash prize is given in addition to what the player wins for finishing first in his respective flight. A total field of 12 or more players from all flights must be participating in the event and the event champion must be a member to be eligible.

For example, if 24 total players are entered in all flights, and the lowest NET score is posted by the Scratch Flight winner, which had 10 scratch players entered, the scratch player will receive $750.00 for winning the Scratch Flight and an additional $250.00 Champions Bonus for a total cash prize of $1,000.00.

If 40 total players are entered from all flights, and the Champions Flight (9 handicap and below) has 28 players entered, the Champions Flight winner will receive $1,200 for winning the flight and a $250 Champions Bonus for posting the lowest net score.

The added Champions Bonus, in this case, raises this winners total 1st place prize to $1,450.00!

In addition, the previously used co-ed format has been eliminated. Men and women will no longer compete together in Net Division events. A separate All Star Women's Golf Tour has been established to accommodate our women professionals.

Stay Tuned for More!

Your All Star Golf Tour Team



Why Choose the All Star Golf Tour!
Of All the Choices Players Have . . . . ASGTour May Just Be the Right Fit for You!

2/13/13 - 12:00 Noon

Here at the All Star Golf Tour, we recognize you have many great choices where you can enjoy the thrill of competing like the Pro's, for cash prizes, in a format which allows you to use your handicap.

We're not going to be so audacious as to claim ASGT is the best in any particular category, but we do believe the experience we create for you is certainly among the best of the available opportunities you have and certainly provides one of the best values for the tournament dollar you invest.

That being said, here are just a few of the highlights about the All Star Golf Tour we ask you to consider when making your decision on where you might participate in your next tournament event:

Experienced Management Team

Since ASGTour leadership began tour operations in June 2002 under the Champions Golf Tour banner, we've executed over 1,000 competitive events. And not just in your local area . . . We've grown our past programs to include events in fourteen major markets (cities) across a twelve state area from Arizona to Florida.

ASGT management knows what it takes to duplicate a net tour. We have steps underway to not only repeat our past successes, but significantly surpass them. Your ASGT future is definately bright and growing every day! Stay tuned for more!!

National Vision

Our vision has always been to duplicate our tour model and grow your opportunity into a truly national tour program. By expanding our tour to a national presence we'll be able to offer you a tour opportunity that others will be unable to match.

Our goal is to be in eighty-two cities over the next five years and build a truly significant National Championship. By expanding the tour nationally, we create leverage to secure sponsorships for our players that potentially can have you playing for a seven figure check! With your participation and continued support we really can accomplish this together!

Payout History

ASGT management has always strived to give players advance information on what the payout structure would be, on a guaranteed basis, without having payouts tied to some mystical projection based on participation.

We were the first to offer $1,000, $5,000 & $10,000 first place prizes . . . . with NO PLAYER MINIMUM requirement attached.

We were also the first net tour to publish an active roster of registered players so you wouldn't have to be guessing on whether or not you wanted to participate.

We've paid out the largest single prize check in net tour history which came to over $17,000 and our leading money winner has taken home over $57,000!

CLICK HERE to view all our past winners, winnings & handicaps.

Through the years, ASGT management has PAID some 897 players from two dozen states OVER $2,3 million. Although the economic crash at the end of 2008 and subsequent failure of major banks and businesses caused an interruption in our expansion efforts, we've successfully launched the All Star Golf Tour in 2011 and continue to pay players cash prizes which are among the highest anywhere for the amount paid by the player to participate.

Handicapping Policy

Sandbagging is always a potential issue that must effectively be addressed by tour management in order to ensure the protection of all players and overall success of the program. Our philosophy requires all players participate with the most recent and up to date handicapping information possible.

Having executed over 1,000 handicap events through the years has given us the opportunity to devise a system with checks and balances that maintain fairness and equity for ALL players.

By utilizing the seven most recent scores instead of, for example, the twenty most recent scores, player handicaps are based on their most recent performance, rather than how they were playing one or two years ago.

Consider this, our winning net score average for a single round event is ONLY -1.5 strokes under par Net . . . our winning two day event score average is ONLY -0.8 (less than one stroke) under par net. Ninety-seven out of every hundred rounds posted had scores of net 70 or higher.

CLICK HERE and see our scoring stats & judge for yourself!

Again, we aren't claiming to be the best by any means . . . but we challenge anyone to stack their results up against ours. We know you'll find us among those at the top when it comes to fairness & accuracy in managing handicaps.

Also, we're the ONLY tour that includes controls which require a players handicap to be recalculated BEFORE his score is posted if established laws of probability are violated. There are no controls in place that limit how low a player can go. This is because we want players to perform at the highest level possible so we can accurately measure the accuracy of their current handicap and make the proper adjustments BEFORE they get your money!

And finally, the All Star Golf Tour is the ONLY net tour that requires qualifying for a player to be eligible to win the biggest checks! If a player tries to hold back to "pad" his handicap, he runs the risk of not qualifying and won't even be able to enter the event and participate.

One final note . . . there are many other reasons we can give you to include the All Star Golf Tour on your 2013 list of tournaments to play. We encourage you to play whenever and wherever you can. It's all about growing and stimulating participation in the game we love.

After all . . . when one wins . . . don't we ALL!



All Star Golf Tour 2013 Season Highlights!
Tour launches in February with operations in N. Texas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Louisiana!

Oct. 30, 2012 - NOON

2013 Event Schedule

• 63 - Single Round Events
   1st place pays out up to $1,200 with 16 players
• 7 - Two Day Major Championships
   1st place pays out $5,000 with only 44 players
• 1 - National Championship
   1st place pays out $10,000 with only 44 players
   (Includes $2,500 Qualifying Bonus)

All Star Cup Points Series

1st ever FREE Entry Fee Exemption bonus program for qualified players awarding:

• Up to 120 players from single round events
   receive "slots" awarding FREE entries into 7
   Major Championships to qualified players!
• Up to 16 players from 2-day majors receive
   "slots" awarding FREE entries into 2013 ASGTour
   National Championship to qualified players!
• Cash bonus at end of year for Player of the Year,
   Member of the Year and others!

Tournament formats for:

• Net Division players utilizing their handicaps
   Senior Net Division for players age 45+ with
   separate cash pots Super Senior player special
   yardage setups for players age 60+
• Men's Pro Division for players competing head-to
   -head with their gross score
• Women's Pro Division for women players desiring
   to hone their skills with low cost / high payout

Unique Entry Structure Provides Amateurs Opportunity for Cash Payouts

Stroke play "Optional" games paying up to $1,200 in CASH to Amateurs, while complying with the current USGA Rules of Amateur Status policy on gambling and "Sweepstakes" participation.

Much . . . Much . . . More!!!

Stay Tuned!!




Attention - Pro & Scratch Golfers!
ASGTour Pro Division Events Now Underway!

August 23, 2012 - NOON

Pro Division competition is now set and underway in all currently scheduled ASGTour events.

The ASGT format provides competition for multiple divisions of players and all divisions are currently utilizing the same locations and times found on the current schedules.

Payouts, entry fees, skin games and even multiple division entries are available for our Pro Division players.

The ASGTour format allows Pros the opportunity to fine tune their game or stay sharp with a low cost fee structure providing an attractive payout reward.

There are a number of single round events available and the next 36-hole event, The Teravista Open Championship, will be held on Sep 1-2, 2012 at Teravista GC in Round Rock, TX.

For more info or to register: CLICK HERE

Currently, there is no membership fee for our Pro Division players and none is anticipated for the balance of 2012.

CLICK HERE to check the schedule for the next Pro Division event near you!

CLICK HERE to view our new Pro Division payouts!

Hit Em Straight!

Your All Star Golf Tour Team




ASGTour Introduces New "Pic Ur Game!" Format!
ASGTour First to Offer Optional Game Only Event Option to Players!

May 11, 2012 - NOON

Does the cost of entry sometimes keep you from being able to enjoy the "inside the ropes" experience of competitive golf?

Do family or other commitments at times prevent you from participating in 36-hole events?

Well . . . NOT ANY MORE!

ASGTour officials announced today a new "Pic Ur Game!" format - the first of it's kind optional game only choice for players!

Now players can enjoy an inexpensive event format with many of the same benefits as our stroke play tournament players and reduce their cost by opting to play in optional games only.

The new "Pic Ur Game!" format launches at the 2012 Bridlewood Open Championship this coming Saturday, May 19th. Now you can choose to play in optional games only by paying a low cost entry fee and just the cost of the optional games YOU choose!

The entry fee includes all golf related expenses, green fees, cart fees, range balls and a special after round meal as in all our regular events.

Players can also play in multiple division optional games and win money from more than one pot!

"Pic Ur Game!" Format Optional Games Include:

  • Net Stroke Play Pot
  • Gross Day Money Pot
  • Net Day Money Pot
  • Senior Net Day Money Pot
  • Gross Skins
  • Net Skins
  • Net Nassau
  • Deuces Pot

All "Pic Ur Game!" optional game entries will be combined with the optional games of the primary event.

This makes for BIGGER SKIN $$ - MORE DAY $$$ and - MORE FUN!

Let's see how much YOU can win!!

Hit 'Em Straight!

Your ASGTour Team!




ASGT Announces Latest Tour Expansion News!
Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Tennessee Lead the Way as ASGT Adds Five More States to it's Area of Operation!

3/9/12 - 12:00 Noon

All Star Golf Tour officials announced today the official launching of the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Tennessee Districts which expand ASGTour operations into five new states. These new Districts will be executing events in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Eastern Tennessee, Western North Carolina and West Virginia.

Western Pennsylvania, headquartered in Pittsburgh, launches on May 19th in Gibsonia, PA at the Pittsburgh National Golf Club. Events will also be held at such renowned locations as Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, WVA, Olde Stonewall, the #1 rated course in the state of Pennsylvania and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a five star resort in Farmington, PA, on the Pete Dye designed Mystic Rock layout.

The remarkable PGA tested Mystic Rock, designed by the legendary Pete Dye, promises golfers a challenge like no other. The Par 72, 7,550-yard course has received top honors from Golf Magazine, Golfweek and Golf Digest, and was recently awarded one of "America's 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses" by Golf Digest. You won't want to miss this one!

Eastern Tennessee includes events in both Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina with tour operations beginning on May 5th at River Islands GC in Kodak, This Arthur Hills design has been a must play in Tennessee since it opened in 1991.

You can view all the great new courses on our website by clicking on the links found on the schedule page. We're excited about these new additions and the great venues and resorts they open up for our members and know you will be too!

Hit 'Em Straight!

Your ASGTour Team!



2012 ASGT Inaugural Produces First Co-Ed Event Champions!
Sarah Zwartynski & Randy Lamoreaux Write Golf History in Becoming First Co-Ed Champions in a Professional Golf Event!

2/27/12 - 12:00 Noon

A score of just one under par net was good enough for TWO players to take home over $1,000 in prize money as Co-Champions of the 2012 ASGTour Inaugural Championship held this past Saturday at TPC Four Seasons Resort.

We believe it's also the first time in history that both a male and female competitor came out as Co-Champions in a professional golf tournament!

Sarah ('Z') Zwartynski (7 Hcp) from Allen, TX, competing in her professional debut, and longtime tour member Randy Lamoreaux (10 Hcp) from Weatherford, TX posted one under par net scores to come on top of the field of nineteen players.

As is the policy of ASGT both players split 1st place ($1,500) and 2nd place ($500) prize money. Sarah pocketed $1,354.65 and Randy takes home $1,100.00 when optional games are included.

Their winnings include a $500 Entry Bonus simply for having submitted their entries by the Entry Bonus Deadline on Sunday night. ASGT added money to the pot as well so players aren't playing for just their own money! It doesn't get much better than that!

Jim Kolmeier (New Braunfels, TX - 12 Hcp) and Jimmy Risinger (San Antonio - 6 hcp) finished tied at three over par net to split 3rd and 4th place money.

This first event of the 2012 season generated a total payout of $3,400 with eleven of the nineteen participants cashing.

The new revisions in the ASGT handicapping policy were put to the test for the first time and based on the scoring of this event, we're pleased to see the handicaps tightened up as evidenced by the net scores finishing in the money.

One under par net was good enough to win and three over par net was good enough to get nearly 100% of the entry back! And this on nearly a perfect day for scoring with excellent course conditions.

CLICK HERE to view complete event results.

Your ASGTour Team!



ClubCorp ASGT Host Sponsor!
ASGTour Events to be Held On ClubCorp Private and Upscale Semi-Private Venues!

12/20/11 - 12:00 Noon

I'm pleased to announce that ClubCorp, one of the largest and most prestigious private golf club management entities in America, has extended the first stages of a national sponsorship to the All Star Golf Tour.

These "first steps" give ASGTour members the opportunity to play on private country clubs as well as exclusive high-end semi-private clubs, heretofore unavailable to players who participate in ASGT type tournament play.

Thanks to ClubCorp, our preferred tournament host facility provider, select properties have extended ASGTour playing options which enable us to provide our members some of the highest quality venues in the country.

This sponsorship allows us to continue maintaining our best value entry fee at current levels without adding any cost to the player associated with this increase in the quality of our host venues.

All event entry fees include green fee, cart fee, range balls and either a plated dinner or great buffet at the end of the round! Everything is included with your entry fee with no additional expense incurred by the player having to pay for their green fee and cart fee!

Special practice round rates for ASGT players and potential entry fee discounts for ClubCorp members are currently in the works. We expect to share more on that subject soon.

We are in the process of finalizing locations and have published on our schedule pages those currently complete. We expect all schedule dates to remain as indicated but of course we may have to make some minor adjustments in some cases.

To see just a few of the courses we're adding visit our schedule page HERE. You can also visit the ClubCorp website directly by CLICKING HERE.

On behalf of all our ASGTour members, corporate team and director staff, I want to personally thank the ClubCorp team for allowing us this unique opportunity to access their premier facilities.

We appreciate very much being extended this privilege and look forward to expanding our relationship with ClubCorp as we partner together in the future.

I also want to thank all our members and friends for their support this year which made these "first steps" with ClubCorp possible!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Your ASGTour Team




All Star Golf Tour Launches Women's Division Golf Tour
Fort Worth Based ASGT Launches Competition for Women Professional & Amateur Golfers

11/11/11 - 12:00 Noon

All Star Golf Tour invites you or your golfing friends to participate in the 2011 ASGTour Women's Golf Championship on Dec. 3-4. 2011 at the TPC Four Season Resort in Las Colinas, TX.

This event officially launches the ASGTour Women's Division which has a full schedule of both single round and two-day events during 2012.

TPC Four Seasons is the home of the PGA Tour's EDS Byron Nelson Classic and sure to prove a test for even the most accomplished professional and amateur players.

Competition is available for Women Professionals who want to compete on a head-to-head basis or in our Pro-Net Division where players utilize their handicaps and compete for cash.

First place will pay out up to $10,000 with a field of 72 players. Amateurs may participate for Visa gift cards as well as for cash in the numerous optional games that will be available.

Also, our 2012 tour information is now posted on the website. We're excited about some new enhancements to our payouts and event formats and know you will be too!

To see 2012 payout & other program enhancements: CLICK HERE




Use of "Alternate Tour" Handicaps
The following information is ASGTour policy on the use of "Alternate Tour" handicaps.

8/1/11 - 12:00 Noon

ASGT recognizes multiple opportunities players have to compete on other Pro-Net tours. This being the case, ASGT will accept handicaps / score histories from selected tours approved by ASGT management.

Players desiring to update or compete with a handicap other than which is posted on the ASGT website player list may submit an official copy of their current organization score history and request an update of their handicap for ASGT events.

Score history provided must include the following information:
  - Date Score Posted
  - Adjusted Gross Score
  - Tee Rating
  - Tee Slope

Handicaps will be calculated under the ASGT formula and may vary slightly from the player's current organization.




Buchanan Wins $3,250 & Captures MCC Title!
Six Handicap Beats Wind & Field to Take Home 1st Major Championship Title!

05/31/11 - 12:00 Noon

Steven Buchanan, from Garland, TX captured his first major championship and $3.250.00 in total winnings at the 2011 Masters Challenge Championship! Congratulations to Steven from everyone in our ASGTour family!

Steven, playing with a 6 handicap, bettered runner-up  Kirk Kohler, (Bedford, TX,  4 hcp), by four strokes with a two under par 36-hole total of 142. Kirk took home $1,356.00 in total winnings for his second place effort.

The second round was very exciting as Kirk pulled within a stroke at one point and continued to put pressure on Steve throughout most of the day. Our innovative real-time scoring system created a huge level of excitement as all players witnessed the neck and neck battle as it happened.

Steve shared how our new leaderboard influenced his strategy by knowing where he stood at any given time.

The 18-hole Dollar Saver Classic Series events on Saturday and Sunday were also a huge success. Steven captured first place in both of them and picked up $750 in additional winnings each day. Unfortunately for Steve, he didn't enter the Dollar Saver events by the Early Entry Bonus deadline and missed out on picking up another $500 in bonus money cash.

Total payout for the weekend came to $5,200 with eight of twelve weekend players (75%) cashing in and receiving money back. The weekend payout brings the 2011 Official Money List total to over $15,000 with thirty-four players currently on the list. Steven's win moved him up sixteen spots to #1 on the list.

Sponsorship provided by ASGT National added significant money to the prize fund to ensure the financial return for the players was attractive and the best value found anywhere. With seven players entered in the 36-hole event ASGT paid out $2750 to the top two finishers or 28% of the field. The prize money sponsorship provided by ASGTour National amounts to nearly $400 paid out in prize money for each player entered.