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Here at the All Star Golf Tour we're very excited about the prospect of assisting you in expanding your business or organization's market presence.

National Golf Foundation statistics estimate 28 million golfers reside in our marketplace. Over 96% have virtually no outlet for organized golf competition beyond outing style events, which pay little or no cash prize winnings to participants. At the All Star Golf Tour, we believe the timing is right for you to capitalize on the demand for our type of organized competition.

The All Star Golf Tour is rapidly becoming the premier golf tour in the country accommodating both professional and amateur players. Our format is rapidly becoming the most desired by players throughout the golf community.

Since our inaugural season began in June 2002 under the Champions Golf Tour brand, our players have won an estimated $2.25 million in professionally organized tour-style competitive golf events.

From widespread exposure via our website, branding inclusion in our advertisements, to exclusive event name recognition and direct presentation of your products and services to our membership and the general public, we're convinced you'll be as excited as we are about your potential for increased revenue through sponsorship with the All Star Golf Tour. We are committed to spotlighting your name, product and services to as many individuals as possible.

Take a few minutes to look through our ASGT sponsor presentation by clicking HERE. The presentation gives you information about the tremendous opportunity we provide for your business or organization. Ife you desire, we can custom design an event or sponsor package that fits your particular taste.

We look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship and the opportunity in helping you expose your business to the masses.

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